Oceans Festival 2017 Launches!

Oceans Festival 2017 Launches!

Oceans Festival new for 2017

In a world where a lifetimes worth of information is only a few clicks away and our planet continues to stretch and evolve to accommodate the constant expansion of life, it has never been more important than it is now to protect the delicate ecosystems that sustain us, including the expansive, mystical and awe inspiring depths of our seas and oceans.

It is from this belief that the Oceans Festival was developed. To bring to fruition a place where everyone, from the very young to the very old, can learn something new and be inspired to protect what is around us. 

As diving is such an integral part of the oceans, both as a tool for exploration and research as well as for fun, the Oceans Festival is pleased to be featuring the London International Dive Show at this year's event. The London International Dive Show brings the best that diving has to offer together under one roof. If is the London International Dive Show's commitment to sustainability and their love of the deep that makes the Oceans Science Festival proud to be featuring them at this year's event. 

Whalefest are an incredible organisation that was launched in 2011. Started with the aim of bringing a voice to the oceans and marine wildlife. They have since gone on to create an international recognition as a charity and garner respect from experts and the public alike. Whalefest have also launched the extremely successful 'Incredible Oceans' project in partnership with the WCA (World Cetacean Alliance). It is these amazing credentials that make us proud to be featuring Whalefest at the Oceans Festival 2017. 

Co-located with The Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show, The London Bike Show and the Triathlon Show: London, Oceans is promised to spread the message far and wide. 

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We look forward to seeing you in February 2017!